The Platform

Placement Loop makes it easy for people to start a company that places talent at right-fit in marketplaces defined by affinity group, occupation, and geography.

Our market innovation comes from integrating career and employer intents with competency. 

In the end, better careers come to life for talent and performance improves for talent seekers.

Below are two examples of companies that have been started on the Placement Loop platform.


How It Works

Orders are entered into a system that convey what talent and talent seekers are looking for inside of a talent marketplace.

Orders are enabled to connect to career facilitators and other suppliers (e.g., testers, educators, trainers, etc.) serving that human capital market.

Career facilitators and others suppliers team up to work the orders and get paid.

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Looking for right-fit? Find an industry specific facilitator to promote you, make introductions, and gain commitments on your behalf.


Industry Experts

Acting as a facilitator you can monetize your ability to improve career well-being and organizational performance in your industry.


Talent Seekers

Looking for talent and improved performance? Save time and money with a industry specific facilitator who can help.


Industry Experts

Start a business that enables the interactions that bring better careers to life and improve talent seeker performance in your industry.

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