Placement Loop was conceived by Kevin Carroll to redistribute rewards for contributions made to develop and place ability at best-fit. We do not feel that particular services should solely be delivered by top-down organizations, like placement agencies, career services offices, recruiting departments, and recruiting firms—all of which fit the same centralized mold that makes it hard to reach the masses on their terms.

Rather, we believe that a layer of distributed career facilitators, who are already embedded in an industry and community, is the only way to solve this problem: that societal ills are rooted in the poor fit placement of ability. Placement Loop provides an easy way for people, industry experts acting as career facilitators, to be the trusted "go to" person in their industry and community to gain commitments at best-fit for talent seekers and candidates.

We are closely associated with several monikers and catch-phrases that are being used to characterize trends in recent times: curated crowdsourcing, the sharing economy, and the on-demand economy. A new mutualism described as "do-it-ourselves" also makes clear the motivation of these industry experts as career facilitators.

These trends tie into a multi-generational interest to create more sustainable systems built to serve individual needs for identity and community contribution. They tie into a strong belief that community-driven solutions are the only way to solve society’s biggest problems.

Please join our community to resolve your own recruiting or placement problem or to help others improve their pursuit of well-being as a career facilitator.